Direction of progress

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Changes in combat field environments

  • Combat Vehicle - Weapon mounted, reconnaissance, and anti-tank operation
  • Combat Support Vehicle - Tactical command, fire support, etc
  • Combat Service Support Vehicle - Transportation of soldiers and supplies, and rescue

Combat in Afghanistan and Iraq - Executing missions in conflict areas (snipers, buried explosives, radio-activated explosives, or suicide bombings)

  • Necessity for application of new technologies
  • Necessity for front protection (front, rear, left, right, top and bottom)
  • Prompt maneuverability after execution of operation
  • Designating vehicles for respective missions (e.g., combat and support)
  • Good protection force (ensuring survivability)
  • Mounting systems for responding to asymmetrical combat situations (diversity)
  • Saving costs of operation and maintenance
  • Durability, and common service/parts
Next-generation tactical vehicles ensuring high maneuverability and survivability

Development orientation of tactical vehicles

Most advanced commercial technologies + satisfying requirements from military forces + quality assurance + guaranteeing follow-up support Expansion of application of commercial parts to military applications

- Methods of development : Applying commercial parts to military purpose such as engine, transmission, body and frame, etc.
- Modification of commercial vehicles : It’s not provided continuous warranty assurance and after-sales service.

Progress orientation of tactical vehicles

Progress orientation of tactical vehicles
Items First-generation (1977~) Second-generation (1997~) Third-generation(2016~)
Smaill-size ¼-ton standard vehicle
'78 ¼-ton standard vehicle
 civilian jeeps for military applications
'97 civilian jeeps for military
1/4-ton flow-up-vehicle
New 1/4-ton follow-up-vehicle
 1¼-ton standard vehicle
'80 1¼-ton standard vehicle
mprovement of capabilities
'03 Improvement of capabilities
Small tactical vehicle
Light tactical vehicle
Medium-size 2½-ton standard vehicle
'77 2½-ton standard vehicle
Improvement of capabilities
'03 Improvement of capabilities
2½-ton, 5ton flow-up-vehicle
New 2½-ton, 5ton follow-up-vehicle
 5-ton standard vehicle
'77 5-ton standard vehicle
Improvement of capabilities
'03 Improvement of capabilities
Medium tactical vehicle
Medium tactical vehicle
Large-size commercial trucks for military use
'01 commercial trucks for military use
Large tactical vehicle
Large tactical vehicle
Remarks Localization of U.S. vehicles Improvement of performances

Mounting Kia own-developed engines

Developing Korean unique model (Realizing world-class quality and performance)