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KM1001 Wrecker

This vehicle was developed for the operation of modern rescue equipment that has enhanced rescue capabilities for resolving issues resulting from excess of operational limits of 5-ton rescue vehicle.
Used for tracking and hauling vehicles, removing/installing power packs from/on tanks and self-propelling artillery, and for the recovery and servicing of large and heavy materials.

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  • 450-HP diesel engine

    Mounting commercial high-efficiency and high-horsepower engines onto vehicles for tracking capability, cold starting, and electromagnetic wave shielding adequate for military applications

  • Automatic transmission

    Improves the convenience of operating the vehicle, and prevents the engine from shutting down and the vehicle from slipping when it is started on a slope.

  • All wheel drive (AWD, 8x8)

    The all wheel drive function is applied for improving tracking and hauling power, steering capability and stability, and off-road driving power.

  • Full air braking system and ABS

    Applying a full-air braking system to the vehicle for reducing the force required for pressing the pedal, and ensuring precise braking force.

    Applying ABS for keeping the braking force and steering capability intact and securing vehicle stability on an uneven surface.

  • Steering

    Single- and double-axle steering for short rotation radius

  • Cabin

    This cap-over cabin provides improved legibility compared with bonnet-type, and cap-tilting function increases serviceability. Applying specifications of commercial vehicles enhances convenience of driving vehicle

  • Instruments and switches

    Commercial vehicle instruments for improved legibility, and switches ergonomically arranged for enhanced operability



Specification Type
Type KM1501 Wrecker
Overall length mm 9,750
Overall width mm 2,600
Overall height mm 3,470
GVW kg 36,000
Max. Speed km/h 90
Max. Horsepower ps@rpm 450@2,200
Max. Torque kg·m@rpm 190@1,400
Gradeability % 60
Fording Depth mm 760
Ground Clearance mm 340
Min. Turning Radius m 12.0
Range km 400

* All information is subject to change without notice according to any further improvements or operational environments.


Rescue capability

Rescue capability
The hauling capability of the rescue boom
Model 3-level hydraulic sequential expansion
Pivoting angle 360˚
Hauling capability 3m 10 tons
8m 3 tons
The hauling capability of the rescue winch
The hauling capability of the rescue winch
Item Main winch Front winch Rear winch
Maximum hauling capability 3.5 tons 10 tons 20 tons
Cable length 95m 65m 85m
Controller type Multi-plate mode

Hauling capability load diagram

Hauling capability load diagram image