Why KIA Military Vehicles!

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Why KIA Military Vehicles!

  • Off-road Driving 6x6, 4x4
  • Operational Capability
  • Durability
  • Survivability
  • Environmental Adaptability
  • Towing

    High Intense Frame

  • Windshield Folding

    Efficient Hiding & Firing

  • Electro Magnetic Interference


  • Endurance Test


  • Hot & Cold Starting

    -32 ~ 50℃

  • Gradeability

    60 / 40%

  • Fording depth


Major Strong Points

Major Strong Points
Item Kia Military Commercial
Driving Road
  • Operated for carrying troops and cargo in

    cross-country and desert (4x4, 6x6)

  • Operated for carrying cargo in paved road
  • High intensity frame

    Designed for military operation

  • Without towing system

    Obstacle of military operation

Wind Shield Folding
  • Open Top and Wind Shield folding

    Immediate firing & fast entry / exit

    Efficient hiding / covering

  • Partly adopt Open Top and Wind Shield is not folded

    Only for commercial use

  • Fording depth 51~76cm

    Engine electrical parts are water-proof

  • Fording ability is limited

    Obstacle of military and urgent operation

Ground Clearance
  • High ground clearance

    Easy overcome vertical obstacle and night-time operation

  • Low ground clearance

    Considering operation on highway mainly

Spare Parts Supply
  • Long period of A/S Parts Supply

    More than 20 years

  • Short period of A/S Parts Supply

    About 10 years

    Frequent Model Change

  • Life cycle is quite long

    Average 15 ~ 20 years

  • More economical and less maintenance cost
  • Life cycle is rather short

    Average 8 years

EMI System
  • Wiper motor, Hazard unit, alternator, Harness, Air Blower, panel meters

    Designed for electronic warfare situation

  • Not apply EMI system
Body Thickness
  • Panel thickness(1.2 ~ 1.4t)

    Body solidity and increasing safety

  • Panel thickness (0.8t)

    Less durability and safety