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Size of plant

Division Content
Production models

Main line : ¼ton to 5ton vehicles

Secondary line : 15ton and special vehicles

Production capacity 0,000 vehicles/year
Production mode Lot production of each vehicle model
Division Content
Assembly conveyor

Total 198 m
Chassis and trimming line

43 processes
(chassis, trimming, special equipment)
Area 16,381㎡

Automated production and inspection systems

  • Cabin conveyor

  • Windshield supplier

  • Hood supplier

  • 6-axle nut runner

  • Brake oil injector

  • Clutch oil injector

  • Washer fluid injector

  • Power oil injector

  • Air piston pump

  • Engine sub-kit

  • Rail and hoist

  • Overhead crane

  • Water-tightness testing

  • Measuring braking force on every wheel

  • All-wheel driving system

  • Vehicle washing process