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What is a tactical vehicle?

Vehicle of high mobility and capability for deriving maximum tactical efficiency with bulletproofing for protection of human lives, and standing from dangerous environmental conditions such as extreme hot and cold, flooding, etc.

Balanced capabilities among maneuverability, loading capacity, and survivability

Past : loading capacity, maneuverability

Changes in combat field environments
- Street combat, anti-terrorism combat, and local combat
Recognition of significance of human lives

Present : loading capacity, maneuverability, survivability

Major requirements of capabilities

  • Survivability
  • Electromag-netic wave interfe-rence
  • Durability
  • Maneuver-ability(safety)
  • Environ-mental adaptiveness
  • Gradeability
    (Side/longituninal slope

  • Fording capacity
    (Approach / departure angle)

  • Environmental adaptability

  • Prevention of electromagnetic wave interference

  • Bulletproof vehicle body
    (metal sheet, glass, and composite materials)

  • Run-flat tires (allowing driving even after tire is hit by bullets)

Matte coating for camouflage

Preventing vehicle corrosion, and protecting vehicle from detection by direct observation (visual, or photo) and indirect observation (infrared camera)

Military, Civilian
Military vehicle Civilian vehicle
Steel sheet,Base coating,Surface coating, Camoufl-age Steel sheet,Base coating,Surface coating, Surface coating Clear

Clear coating is added to civilian vehicles for the glossy look