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We will become a top global firm

Welcome, netizens. We heartily appreciate your visiting the homepage of KIA Motors

KIA Motors is now one of the world’s leading automobile makers,
valuing the vision of the group, “Accompanying you into a better

KIA Motors actively operates its businesses in 168 countries around
the world, thereby leading the development of our national
economy. The company seeks further to become a new leader
among the automobile industries in the world based on such core
growth strategies as quality management, global management,
brand value improvement, sustainable management, and develop-
ment of technologies for future automobiles.

KIA will continue exerting its best efforts to develop an innovative
and differentiated product lineup for design, performance, safety,
and the environment as an ‘Exciting and Enabling’ automobile manu-
facturer for customers around the world. We promise you a continu-
ous supply of better services.

We cordially invite your interest in the innovations and
dramatic challenges of KIA Motors. KIA will provide mankind
with more automotive value and benefits, and maintain a vivid
presence in the minds of customers.

Please visit the homepage of KIA Motors for further informa-
tion that will surely satisfy you.
Thank you.

Chairman, KIA Motors

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